Red and Green

Scott Marshall Scott at
Fri Feb 3 16:04:41 MST 1995

How clairvoint of Louis Proyect to know and reject what he has not read. A
rare display of his super marxist powers indeed. It strikes me that his idea
of debate is more like the crude baiting of Newt Gingrich.


>Scott Marshall's post strikes me as crude huckstering. His idea of
>Green-ness has much more in common with the Green Card solicitations
>from the Phoenix lawyers. I would be much more interested in hearing from
>an American CP'er how they went for years and years with nary a comment
>in the Daily World on the environmental destruction wrought on the entire
>Soviet bloc by callous, narrowminded bureaucrats. The rivers of Eastern
>Europe have been turned into cesspools, whole forest regions have been
>despoliated, etc., ad nauseum. All this in the name of socialism--give me
>a break!
>Louis Proyect


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