Red and Green

Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Sat Feb 4 07:42:36 MST 1995

To Scott Marshall:

I have no doubt that the thoughts expressed in the CP tract on
environmentalism are positive and thoughtful, just as most CP literature
is on various subjects including the labor movement, racism, etc.

That is not the gist of my post. I take issue with the CP's failure to
come to terms with Chernobyl, factory dumping of toxic wastes and wholesale
descruction of old-growth timber throughout the former Soviet Union.
There are Green Party members now in Russia who are fighting to rectify
environmental injustices that are part of the legacy of 70 years of
bureaucratic socialism. Neither Yeltsin nor the reconstituted Communist
Party seem to have the wisdom to deal with these matters in the necessary

CP'ers hold up the former Soviet Union as a model for the kind of
socialism they support. The environmental record of Stalin, Krushschev
and Brezhnev's dictatorships is terrible. This is a contradiction you
have to straighten out, not me.

By the way, I view the CP as an important and positive component for the
grass-roots struggle for social change in the United States. There would
be no unions, civil rights organizations without the CP. My problem is
with the altar you have constructed around the Soviet Union. This was
never necessary. For leftists in the United States to defend the policies
of whatever dictatorship momentarily occupies the Kremlin reminds me of
the ghost in the Christmas Carol condemned to carry the chains of past
sins. The CP was never required to carry those chains.

Louis Proyect


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