Red and Green

Philip Goldstein pgold at
Sun Feb 5 06:33:32 MST 1995

	I agree with Louis Proyect that the Soviet leadership was
dictatorial and made numerous errors, though I could not document its
environmental disasters. I agree with Scott Marshall that the American CP
drew distinctions between Soviet cultural traditions and American
traditions. I also agree with Marshall's claim that one need not believe
and should oppose the claims and views of those who support American
imperialism, including their blanket condemnation of socialist states. In
other words, I think that it makes no sense to say that
one supports socialism but condemns every state that tries to practice
socialist policies. Still, before Roger Garaudy became a Christian, he
said that, once there was several socialist states, one was no longer
obligated to defend the policies of the USSR. The old CP leadership never
acknowledged this change; they defended the USSR against the other
socialist states, especially but not exclusively China. In addition, they
were resolutely anti-intellectual, condemning intellectual critics of the
USSR and insisting that the workingclass would provide its own
intellectuals. When the old Soviet leadership wanted to attack its
dissidents, they would trot out Gus Hall. I think that that is one reason
why the intellectuals in
the party finally split with it a few years ago and have formed their own
organization, though I know there were other reasons as well.

Philip GOldstein


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