Postone Review

jones/bhandari djones at
Sun Feb 5 14:59:29 MST 1995

As I put together my thoughts on Postone's work, these are the reviews
which I found so far (in order of their comprehensiveness)

Jeanne Schuler, Telos, number 96 (Summer 1993)
Peter Hudis, News and Letters, January-February 1995 (this is the
  Raya Dunayevskaya-inspired, Marxist-Humanist newsletter)
Chris Arthur, Capital and Class 54
Martin Jay, New German Critique 60 (Fall 1993)
Simon Clarke, Contemporary Sociology, v23, no2
Bob Jessop, American Journal of Sociology (forgot to write down the date--sorry)

There is also a review by David McClennan, which I was able to read off my
computer--it is worth reading.


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