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About Red and Green.

The discussion about the CP USA and CPSU and the question of the environment is very imporant.

I fear though that we can go on discussion who was right and who was wrong for a long time. I agree that such discussions are usefull.

The essence of the problem is far deeper.

When it comes to industrial production be it oil,  copper, and even more so when we consider armaments, then there is unfortunately a degree of consensus between the workers, the owners of the facility and the government.

The workers of the shipyards in Scotland, the British government, the owners of the shipyard, the minister of defence in South Africa all want worships to be buildt.

A similar cinario applies to most industrial production.

In the USSR they did terrible things to the environment in the name of production and defence, The problem was that there were no powerful independent environmental protection organisations. All was controlled or "lead" by the party/government.

The same applied in the USA, especially in the early days of the cold war and the question of atom bombs. It still applies in the third world rain forests, in Nigeria in the oil fields, etc.

There is some aleviation of the problem in the USA since there is an enviromental lobby. ( It matters not to me that may of them are the middle class). Grean Peace, and many others are independent of those who directly benefit from the production of oil, timber, atomic power. These people and organisations can and do exert considerable pressure and although their success is limited we should be thankfull for them.

Any governmental system should not only allow but actively encourage independent organisations of the people. This is the only way that real criticism can have an influence on power be it exercised by Capital or by a Dictatorship of the proletariat.

Socialism did not fail in the USSR the organisational system developed by the CPSU failed socialism.

Ron Press.


The ways of man are mysterious to God.

In the UK there is a mass movement of whole villages and towns agains the export of live animals, especially against the crate system of veal production. People die, confront the state the police ... A rea mini revolution.

Yet nothing about Rwuanda, Chetnya, not even against closure of hospitals and schools in the UK itself.

As a Marxist I find this most strange.



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