The Left and Homosexuality

Tue Feb 7 08:52:44 MST 1995

	I think it is a very interesting question that Steve Wright poses about
the ultra-left on homosexuality.  I would be very interested myself to hear
more about "leftist" contributions to the discussion, especially since, I
believe, the left has a fairly tattered legacy on this issue.  Forget all of
the interesting work on social constructions of sexuality, sexuality and
oppression, etc.  The reality of most "left-wing" authoritarian regimes has
been savage oppression of lesbians and gays -- in Cuba, in China, in the Soviet
Union.  I've heard quite a bit from leftists through the years who merely
assume that homosexuality is an annihilation of the dialectics of nature (where
are the "opposites", they say), and others who see it as a sign of the
decadence of a market society...  Charges that are, on the face of it, totally

	I don't mean to be too provocative here... I'm just very interested to
get feedback on these issues, as is Steve Wright.  It seems that there are
bigots not only on the neanderthal right, but on the left as well.

				- Chris
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