Consciousness lags

Justin Schwartz jschwart at
Tue Feb 7 20:51:06 MST 1995

On Tue, 7 Feb 1995 KGOSSELI at wrote:

> Hi, there. I am new to this list. How are all of you.
> staying warm? Good luck on that one.
> anyway, what Marx writing should I start out with reading. I'm
> hoping it's on the Internet, so I can read it. I am visually
> impaired, and can't read print. This computer will read it to me. so if you
> know of any marx writings on the Internet, could you please
> tell me? also, should I read Engels at the same time, before
> I read Marx, or after. Thanks a lot.

There is a source for Marx and Engels on-line. I will try to figure out
how to get the file on this back up on the net if no one does it first.
Read Engels afterwards. He'd tell you that himself.

--Justin Schwartz


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