On Line Sources for Marxian Texts

Guy Yasko guyy at bekkoame.bekkoame.or.jp
Tue Feb 7 21:44:33 MST 1995

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> anyway, what Marx writing should I start out with reading. I'm
> hoping it's on the Internet, so I can read it. I am visually
> impaired, and can't read print. This computer will read it to me. so if you
> know of any marx writings on the Internet, could you please
> tell me? also, should I read Engels at the same time, before

Some Marx and Engels (+ Lenin and Trotsky) have made it on line.  You can
find portions of Capital, the Manifesto, Grundrisse, Critique of the Gotha
Program, the Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts, and more at the following
URL: gopher://csf.colorado.edu/11/psn/Marx.  There are probably other sites
with Marxist texts, but this is the only one I know of.

I suppose that the Manifesto is as good as any place to start. Since Marx and
Engels co-wrote it, it would allow you to avoid choosing between Marx and

It would be nice to have more available on line, but that would mean an end
to "intellectual property" as we know it.  Don't hold your breath.


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