the ultra-left on homosexuality?

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>Please, please, please.  Can we at least have some sensitivity to
concerning my linking of the closing of the Cuban Lit suppliment Lunes and
the Padilla affair.
   Mucho appologies for the mixup. I meant to have put an OR in between the
two. My linkage (politically speaking) was, however, deliberate.
   >Lunes de Revolucion was shut down somewhere around 1961-63.  I'd have to
check around a little bit to get the exact date.<
   The film PM was banned in June of 1961. At that same meeting Lunes was
also defacto banned, but continued to publish until September of 1961.
   >The Padilla affair was much later, and the only known link between the
is that Padilla sometimes wrote for Lunes.  (But so did Desnoes, and just
about everyone else who was conscious and breathing at the time.) <
   That's not the only link. The banning of PM and Lunes began a crackdown on
artists and homosexuals (God help you if you were both, except for Alfredo
Guevera) and a solidifying of Stalinism in Cuba that reached its high point
(if you don't count all those suicides) with the forced "confession" of
   >After a period of interrogation (Padilla's description of it in Heroes
Grazing in My Garden reads like the interrogation scenes in _Darkness at
Noon._  You wonder how much of it really happened...)<
   Some have suggested that Padilla was crazy and had a persecution complex
(Infante countered that it was the persecution that was complex). Michael
Chanan, in his wonderful book on Cuban films suggests this (is this the same
Mike?), but this is, I believe, a slight oversimplification by Jorge Edward
when he was Ambassador to Cuba for the Allende government. That the poet
could be excentric and percieved as crazy OR that the Cuban Security Police
could drive someone bonkers are two other explainations.
   You're right, Cuba does have some damn fine film makers (and one really
good songwriter). Its amazing to think what Cuban culture might be today if
the best and brightest writers weren't in Mexico (and Miami).
   I'm glad I screwed up on the chronology. Contentious discussion of the
concrete is like a breath of fresh air. No offense to the theoreticians out
                                             Don Kenner


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