Paranoia, persecution and economic base

Chris Burford cburford at
Fri Feb 10 03:25:30 MST 1995

Paranoia, Persecution and Economic Base

Jon and others have raised the question of why creative
film-makers have stayed in Cuba and creative writers have

I wonder if there is an interaction here between psychology,
state repression and economic activity. The writer's mode
of production is solitary. The film-maker's is collective,
A modern writer may put their sanity on the line, but on
their own. A film-maker has a network of supporters.

This would be consistent with Cuba being a bit repressive but
not as repressive as a fascist regime. Could that be the
attractor behind this apparently random pattern?

By the way, while I very much enjoyed the particularity of
the debate about peronism I was disappointed to receive
no echoes to my query about whether at the level of higher
generality this could not be looked at under the general
heading of national democratic movements. Is it really the
case that no reader of this list is doing work on the national
democratic revolution?

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