Mobilize Now to Stop the Mexican Government! (fwd)

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Fri Feb 10 14:56:07 MST 1995

This is something I received this morning which I think is worth
circulating to the list as a whole.

Cheers, Steve Wright

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Subject: Mobilize Now to Stop the Mexican Government! (fwd)

This posting has been forwarded to you as a service of the Austin Comite
de Solidaridad con Chiapas y Mexico.

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Subject: Mobilize Now to Stop the Mexican Government!

Action Alert!

At 6 o'clock this evening, Mexican President Zedillo went on television
and announced that the government had discovered EZLN arms caches in
Veracruz City and Mexico City. He identified Subcommandante Marcos as
"Rafael Santiago Guillen Vicente". He proceeded to brand the EZLN
"terrorists" and announced that he had ordered to Mexican Army to
"capture" them, i.e., to attack. Zedillo said the army has been ordered
to "search" for them "in all national territory". This seems a code for
attacking Zapatista territory in Chiapas.

This appears to be the attack that we have all feared was coming. The
velvet glove of peaceful negotiations has been cast off and the mailed fist
of the Mexican state has once more been bared. Zedillo's branding of the EZLN
as "terrorists" is a return to the language used by Salinas a year ago in
his first reactions to the uprising.

The only thing that stopped the military then, and the only thing
that will stop it now is massive mobilization against the government's actions.

Therefore, all who have mobilized in solidarity with the struggle for
democracy in Mexico should organize immediate action. If we can, once again,
create an international wave of protest against the Mexican state's actions
perhaps we can bring this new offensive to a stop.  If we do not so
organize we will share responsibility for the murders and tortures the
Mexican army and police have probably already begun.

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