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Subject: Extremely urgent action needed

The following text is the last comunique from the EZLN.
After it was received, it was confirmed that the Mexican Army
was bombing the areas nearby Ocosingo and Margaritas in Chiapas.
This is the last attempt of the
Mexican Gov. to destroy Zapatista's bases inside Lacandonian Jungle.
The situation is extremely serious as we expect an overall offensive not
only against EZLN, but also against all the major opposition groups in
International solidarity should be rised in order to stop Zedillo's gov.
from commiting any more crimes against the people of Mexico. After EZLN's
letter, you'll find several ideas of what you can do to help us.
Carlos Salas

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/* ---------- "EZLN Letter 2/11/95" ---------- */ From: National
Commission for Democracy in Mexico <moonlight>

1995 Chiapas Mexico

To the people of Mexico To the national and international press To
the peoples of the world

The Indigenous Clandestine Revolutionary Committee, General
Command of the EZLN

We have made a call to all of our brothers and sisters of Mexico
to detain this genocidal war that the bad government is waging
against us.

The federal government is acting with lies, it is carrying out a
dirty war in our villages.  Yesterday around noon, 14 helicopters
bombed the area around Morelia and Gamucha, as well as shot
artillery fire in the area under Zapatista control, thousands of
federal soldiers have penetrated into the interior of the jungle,
via Monte Libano, Agua Azul, Santa Lucia, La Gamucha Champes, San
Agustin, Guadalupe Tepeyac and others.  They are surrounding us
with death and ugliness.  We the Zapatistas, as troops and
civilians, up to this point, have done everything possible to fall
back, but now we do not have any other option except to defend
ourselves and to defend our villages, thousands of civilians have
left their homes.

Brothers and sisters, the government of Ernesto Zedillo is killing
us, it is killing children, it is attacking women and raping

We ask the people of Mexico and all the people of the world to do
something to stop this war.

Again we ask you, brothers and sisters, don't leave us alone.

We will act with dignity.

Liberty, Justice and Democracy


The Indigenous Clandestine Revolutionary Committee, General
Command of the EZLN

(translated by Cindy Arnold, NCDM volunteer).
A) Please send faxes urging Mexican government to:
1) Stop the bombings in Chiapas
2) Abandon the military path it has taken and begin negotiations with EZLN
3) Abide by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The faxes should be addressed to
Sr. Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon
Presidente de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos
Los Pinos, DF
Fax number is (52-5)-2711764
B) SEnd letters, or better,call President Clinton urging him to stop
supporting Zedillo's gov.
c) Organize sit-ins in front of the Mexican consulate in your area.
D) Call the local chapter of AMnesty International and urge them to send
misiion to Chiapas.
Your solidarity will help to save Mexican lives


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