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Mon Feb 13 02:25:12 MST 1995

wdrb wrote:
stability of the sytem. Here's a couple of suggestions -
1) The globalisation of the world economy undermining the nation state
2) The collapse of the communist block creating an integrated world
market and thus a world proletariat
3) The impossibility of major imperealist war because of the scale
of weapons of mass destruction
4) The development of communication resources allowing workers to
network on a non-heirarchical yet international basis
I would have thought that the first 3 items were
unalloyed gains from the standpoint of capitalism:
(1) deprives the working classes of the opportunity
to press reform demands via the national state,
(2) means that capitalism no longer faces a
military and ideological threat from socialism,
(3) means that the only thing that has ever been
able to produce a revolution in a capitalist country
is ruled out.

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