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Mon Feb 13 10:42:38 MST 1995

Chris..thanks for your positive feedback. I can only post 300 words at a time
and my time is short but briefly: granted the erosion of the nation state is
the result of the extension of circuits of capital and the concentration of
capital as represented by multi-nationals. Nevertheless I would argue that the s
nation state is the principle instituionof bougeoise rule and therefor its
erosion is significant. The development of the means of production has created
weapons at the disposal of all advanced states (nuclear weapons) that essentaill
render war unfightable without the likliehood of everybody dying including the
capitalists. War was the way out of the crisis in 1914 and 1939...thats why its
disapearance as an option is significant. Unless one feels that the Soviet Union
was going to bring socialism to the world which has been hard for many to believ
e since 1960 then there has to be some merit in the collpase of the Soviet Union
If you want a world revolution you want 'the workers of the world to unite' whic
h never looked likely during the cold war. Is the internet important? My intuiti
on says yes. All the best...will brown

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