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Tue Feb 14 13:00:49 MST 1995

The enlightened John Foy wrote:
   >It is inevitable that Communism will be defeated in Mexico as it
has been defeated throughout the world.

While I cannot defend many of the actions the Mexican government has taken, I
know I cannot trust the press releases the communists are putting out.
The Zapatista rebels and other such "agrarian reformers

The Zapatista rebels and other such "agrarian reformers" cannot be
trusted any more than the corrupt government they oppose.
The only true hope for reform in Mexico is through peacable capitalist

Long Live Adam Smith,<

   Not that this really deserves a reply...
   It is precisely through "peacable capitalist progress" that regimes like
Mexico are allowed to concentrate virtually all of the national wealth at the
top, leaving most of the population (some of whom have the nerve to struggle
for agrarian reform) in squalor.
   I would be interested to know what Foy thinks of other capitalist regimes
such as Guatemala and Indosesia. For that matter, what about the BRAZILIAN
MIRACLE from a few years back, where 90 percent of the population lived under
conditions so horrible, as to make pre-Gorbachov Soviet Union look like
   Please don't point to peacable capitalist countries like Sweden. Under
Mexico's (and the US's) criterion, if a third world country tried to emulate
Sweden's kind of capitalism, its leaders and supporters would have to be
murdered. For that matter, Nicaragua had less nationalized property than does
Sweden, but was targeted by peacable capitalists for a campaign of terrorism.
   And as far as Adam Smith goes (whom Foy obviously hasn't read without
ideological blinders), if he and Karl Marx were alive today, they would
temporarilly put aside their differences (which are fewer than Foy imagines)
and commit themselves to attacking the worst enemies of freedom, most notably
the peacable capitalists for whom free trade amongst nations and peoples is
to be avoided at all costs, even if the price is murder.

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