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Tue Feb 14 22:54:00 MST 1995

I am happy to have the opportunity to join this list.  My name is
Abdul-karim Mustapha.  I am a graduating senior in the department of
anthropology at the University of Maryland at College Park.  Currently I
am taking a graduate seminar on gender and the public sphere.  In this
course, we are doing a very very close (intimate) reading of Habermas'
text.  Through this reading, we were puzzled by the Habermas' deployment
of Marx, in the chapter before he goes on to talk about Mill and others.
The presence of Marx's materialism, seem to undo everything that Habermas
had built up about the public sphere up until that particular point. In
fact, the climax registers when Hbermas quotes Engels, saying that the
family is basically obselete.  I wonder if anyone one can discuss the
epistemological break that occurs in Habermas' notion of the public
sphere as a result of Marx's materialism.

best, Abdul.

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