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Subject: privatization

We are discus=F3ion and study group from Turkey.We study on privatization.
We prepered a report about privatization on telecommunication sector and
Turk PTT.
But we need more information about privatization experiences in the world.
Is there any struggle against privatization process.I know there is a
struggle in the Turkey,but it is not enough(we fighting against
privatization in the Turkey,but government (via media) is stronger than
trade unions in the Turkey.)
We could not learn how is privatization ezperiences in the world.Our
government says:everyting is okey about privatization in the world.
It is pinky.We dont believe.But we must persuade to other people.
How is trade unions and other organizations in your country?
Do you have any information about privatization news?
We need newspaper,magazine news,papers etc. about privatization process.
for example :what happened after last econopmic crisis(I think it is=20
about privatization) in the Mexico?
or what happened in the Costa Rica? or other countries?

thank you.....

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