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Wed Feb 15 10:10:28 MST 1995

There is an active struggle against water
privatisation here in Scotland.
When we started the campaign about 3 years ago
the government was intending to sell off
scottish water boards as they had done in England.
The campaigning organisations GARDYLOO and HOW
demanded a referendum before any sale and threatened
refusal to pay water bills if the government went

Here in Strathclyde region which holds almost half
the Scottish population a referendum was held,
and 97% voted against the governments proposals.

The opposition has forced the government to back
off open privatisation and move to a more covert
approach in which water supply is to be put under
the control of un-elected government appointed
These are likely to be stuffed with capitalists who
will lease water supply facilities to private
firms to operate. The campaign is planning on
a boycott of water bills if this occurs.

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