those fabians!

Karlyn Ann Crowley kac3g at
Wed Feb 15 14:53:06 MST 1995


i am working on researching the Fabians, the fin-de-siecle
radical group including Shaw, Potter, etc., and the "Fabian
Essays on Socialism."  Does anyone know about their use and
reception currently?  In what light are they seen by Marxists?
Certainly at the end of the 19th cent., they are doing some
interesting things...many feminists, vegetarians, "simple
living" types who wore "plain" dress...anyway, i wanted to get
a sense if anyone still refered to them or if they are mostly
viewed as quaint historical objects?

by the by, this is the first time i've posted after being on
mlg list since last summer..and clearly i'm out of it because i
ride on and off the list:  my question is that the above
address has changed?  does it include mlg listing and who is
marxism at Virginia, if i may ask, because i'm at Virginia as
well (you can mail me privately).  thanks, sorry for this
boring part.

karlyn Crowley
graduate english at uva
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