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On Wed, 15 Feb 1995 TimW333521 at aol.com wrote:

> My thought is those of us who do understand Marxism should apply our
> knowledge on to how best to move masses of people into radical conflict with
> the rulers of our society.  This  means developing a left populist program
> and movement.   Elements of such a program and movement exist politically in
> such presently separated arenas as the New Party, the Greens, the Peace and
> Freedom Party, Labor Party Advocates, Bernie Sanders, as well as Democrats
> like Dellums, Wellstone and Jackson.  No one of the above is "purer" than the
> others if we cut through formalism and seek to understand the reality of
> their programatic proposals and the nature of the social forces they seek to
> bring into motion.

   I agree here that supporting such independent political groups like
those mentioned above, that such independent political programs that are
socialistic or labor-oriented, can move in the desired direction. the
Democratic party and the New Deal coalition is in crisis --- we need to
create a new party.

   This has been the position of the Socialist Party USA: support and
build such efforts where they may arise, and unite them into a larger,
more powerful ornbaization.  Supporting the "left-wing of the possible",
i.e. the Democratic Party, doesn't work.... I think the crisis will grow
this year and 1996 will be an important year for such Left independent
political action, and perhaps one that can create a Left populist

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