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>I don't know about anybody else, but John Foy of Eastern New Mexico has made
>me see the light. Maybe this whole Marxism thing is just some crazy pipe
>dream. I vote we immediately change the name of the journal to "The Free
>Market" and devote ourselves to discussing the theories of Adam Smith.
>- Wade Rockett

The only problem with this is that there *is* a newsletter called "The Free
Market," published by those irrepressible folks at the Ludwig von Mises
Insitute, which is attached like a neoplasm to Auburn U. The lead story in
their Dec 94 issue was by Michael Levin, the famed race theorist at CUNY,
with the engaging title "Scrooge Was Right," and with the engaging
pullquote, "Society's provisions for the poor must be, well, Dickensian."



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