Chris Burford cburford at gn.apc.org
Fri Feb 17 00:28:14 MST 1995

On 15th Feb TimW wrote:
My thought is those of us who do understand Marxism should apply our
knowledge on to how best to move masses of people into radical conflict with
the rulers of our society.  This  means developing a left populist program
and movement.<<

A pithy call from a well-established left wing standpoint. But can I suggest
another standpoint?

1. Masses of people will repeatedly find themselves in radical conflict
with the rulers of society independent of the will of any marxist. To think
Marxists have to apply motion is to misunderstand the self-moving dialectic.

2. If a Marxist analysis now of the concrete economic and political
conditions undermines Marx's prediction about the working class
automatically becoming the gravediggers of capitalism, then it is debatable
whether the democratic critique of capitalism is best advanced by a
politically polarising strategy. As in any group or work place unless you
are sure you can win by overwhelming the opposition, you may make more
progress more rapidly by posing a question and minimising resistance.

Chris Burford

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