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On Feb 15,  4:53pm, Karlyn Ann Crowley wrote:
> Subject: those fabians!
> comrades....
> i am working on researching the Fabians, the fin-de-siecle
> radical group including Shaw, Potter, etc., and the "Fabian
> Essays on Socialism."  Does anyone know about their use and
> reception currently?  In what light are they seen by Marxists?
> Certainly at the end of the 19th cent., they are doing some
> interesting things...many feminists, vegetarians, "simple
> living" types who wore "plain" dress...anyway, i wanted to get
>\ a sense if anyone still refered to them or if they are mostly
> viewed as quaint historical objects?
In Social History (the journal from England) I published an article about two
years ago (I can't get out of e-mail to check the reference) on Beatrice Webb
and sweated labour, trying to make specific marxist points about sweating and
to show how her proto-Fabian position and tactics were not only morally
suspect but historically false, wrong, incorrect, what have you. It's a bit
rich to say "you could read my essay," but anyway you might, if it seems
possibly useful.   >
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