national democratic rev.

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Sat Feb 18 21:33:19 MST 1995

Chris Burford asks, what about the national democratic revolution? Well,
with regard to Chiapas, you would have to determine whose nation it is.
Is it a revolution for all of "Mexico," or only for the various tribes of
Mayan Indians that live in that region? Even if all of Mexico does erupt,
is there any particular reason why Chiapas would want to remain part of
it any more than Chechnya wants to remain part of Russia?
	"National democratic revolution"--in other words, a contemporary
version of the French revolution--turning peasants into "citizens" under
the Rights of Man. Whatever it is, it's certainly not a proletarian
revolution. Apparently the idea is that the indigenous capitalist class
is too weak, therefore the 'historical tasks' that had been carried out
by the bourgeoisie in earlier epochs now have to be performed by
peasant-bureaucrats in charge of a revolution fueled by peasant revolt.
Fortunately the Zapatistas seem not to be following this plan. Long live
agrarian revolution, but hold the Lenin, Mao, and Castro. The
Makhnovshchina and the Durutti Column make better models. Forget about


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