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1> Re Dialectics,

For me too this is one of the most important aspects of Marxism.
It is however far too complex to discuss it in a few words. I will
try to give my simplistic view of the matter be it ever so
disjointed and ill digested. To my mind this is inherent in
dialectics itself. It is on the one hand so simple that every
human being uses this way of thinking but it is so complex that it
cannot be codified into a book or a set of rules. An attempt to do
so can in its very doing destroy the dialectic.

1) It goes far beyond the systhesis of opposites. The examples of
electrical + and - causing the flow of electricity, the idea of
male and female giving rise to the next generation and so on.
There is no question but that in any process there is no beginning
and no end to the creation of the new out of a systhesis of the
old opposites being followed by a new cycle of the process.

2) To  every action there is a reaction, ala Newton. This is
linear thinking which is applicable in simple situations but in
the complexity of the real world this is not so simple. In Iraq
Sanctions were, in the simplistic non dialectical thinking of
Regan and Clinton, supposed to help bring down Sadam Hussein. In
practice this action has caused the ordinary people to hate the
Americans more now than a year ago. Saddam's position has in fact
been strengthened.

3) Life is very simple. Except in as much as it is very complex.
Capitalist exploitation is glaringly obvious. Wage Labour and
Capital explains it within the covers of a small book. It can even
be reduced to a simple mathematical relationship. However it is at
the same time very complex. Investments, money markets, and so on
are far beyond the understanding and control of even the
professors and Gurus.

The workers and people genarally are suffering. It is simple,
organise them to take over. So it was done in the USSR but the
leaders who came from those very workers became the government and
the suffering ceased. There was however a new cycle and the rest
is history. Is the same happening in South Africa?? Life is at one
and the same tims simple and complex.

I would suggest that a good way of looking at the question is as
follows. Sorry that again I cannot put it into terms of
completeness or well thought out language. But then again if I
could I would be quoted and debated and criticised and, as were
those blokes Christ and Marx (and testosterone) distorted out of

Dialectics and the dialectical method is the develpoment of
patterns of thinking within the brain which mirror the real world
the organism interacts with. The human brain being a highly
developed and extremely complex system has the ability of
developing within its way of organisation patterns which help the
humans to understand and decypher the complex natural world
including themselves.

The fractal pattern of a well "programmed" brain has the same
fractal pattern as nature itself.

Sorry I ramble but it gives me pleasure. I hope it does give you
some too.

Ron Pressllows.

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