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Sun Feb 19 01:13:40 MST 1995

Hi Again

It is Sunday and I  am up early.

There is a tendency to propose on each topic an all or nothing

 For example some one has dismissed nartionalism out of hand. Yet
 the Russian revolution as well as the Chinese one were highly
 coloured by nationalism.

Again on the question of NAFTA. Is it a good thing ot not? Did
Marx approve or not? Is the UK being in Europe a progressive move
or not?  The answer is of course yes and no. It is both good and

Am I a structuralist or an anti-structuralist. I think I am both.

Is there an arrow of time. Yes. Does it only point in the
direction of the proletarian revolution. Well Yes !!.

It is quite fun really because when one is in the thick of the
struggle all these doubts and mental tortures are present but get
subsumed by activity against the bastards that are screwing you
and your friends.

It does not always help to slug the boss when he fires you but it
sure makes you feel good at the time. ( There is a chap in the UK
who killed his boss because the boss changed his shift pattern)

In the long term we have to come to terms with the necessity to
use all the forums and opportunities to add structure to the
dissparate struggles going on against the capitalist system that
is screwing all of us. But I agree not too much structure.

Ron Again Press.

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