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I think Doug misses the point historically and more important in today's
political world.  The populists were not opposed to progress or to railroads
and banks.  They simply wanted to nationalized them!  This  is something
Marxists would agree with them on.   Of course it is true they wished to
preserve the
small farms and they by and large lost on that.   Even so the small farms
which have remained in this country are highly mechanized and quite

 Yet I for one certainly favor a view of socialist society which would
include small farms as well as small business and do not view such a vision
as "anti-Marxist."

The question is not whether a left populist program contains within it
limited and even wrong notions from a Marxist point of view.  It is rather
how a Marxist view can develop a serious audience in this country.

I suggest that such a view can find root only if we are part of a real mass
movement against the attacks of the right: not just abstaining and commenting
from the university.  Such a movement, because of the history of this nation,
will take on a populist coloration.

Clinton and the Demos Centrists run away from this task.  But leftists who
abstain from forming coalitions politically to oppose the right are also
runjing away from the requirements of our day.  Marx's great strength was
that he was always a participant in the political tasks of his day while he
developed theory.  An academic Marxism removed from these tasks today would
be a great mistake

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