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Dumain wrote, "I recently bought Bhaskar's latest book on dialectic,
but I haven't followed him in years, and he introduces so much of his
own technical terminology, I know if I start reading this book its's
going to break my balls."

Yes this is a real problem with Bhaskar.  But in fact it is worse
then this.  Bhaskar does not only introduce many of his own technical
terminology, but he does little footwork for his reader, he seems to
assume that his readers know the arguments and philosophical issues
at stake quite well.  Although I find his Introduction (chapter one)
in his *Dialectic* (1993) and chapter six of *Plato Etc.* (1994) an
adequatly-accessible exposition and at the same time a brillant
understanding and presentation of the Marxian and Hegelian legacy of
dialectic.  But it takes much fimilarizing with both Hegel-Marx and
Bhaskar himself to begin to understand these chapters.

*Dialectic* is actually the first publication that I attempted to
read from Bhaskar, after reading the first chapter for the sixth
time, I decided to fimilarize myself with his jargon and argument.
Thus, there is a very small reading group here at the University of
Utah on the publications of Bhaskar.  We would be very happy if
anyone wanted to jump in (as a beginning novice or as an expert, and
anything in between).

Bhaskar may be (one of) the most important Marxian philosophiers
today.  I believe that his program and cause should be taken quite
serious.  I am quite surprised that more discussion on Bhaskar has
not opened up on this list.  Is this because people dislike his work
and philosophy (but this wouldn't seem to stop anyone on this list),
or have not people read his work, or do some consider him

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