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Tue Feb 21 00:21:51 MST 1995

I have spent much of the last two years of my life studying the influence
of Henryk Grossmann's work on the development of a revolutionary critique
of bourgeois society.  I have put together a bibliography which lists 1.
his major works available in English 2. the many people who developed his
critique (with a subsection on the works of the students of Paul Mattick
through whom Grossmann's theory was largely preserved and developed in the
Keynesian period) 3. general summaries of Grossmann's work and 4. critiques
of his work with a reading guide to the criticisms articulated by Howard
and King in the first volume of their History of Marxian Economics.

I am willing to forward it to anyone who wants it; friends  have not had
trouble downloading it.  The bibliography comes out to about three pages;
the reading guide to Howard and King's criticism is two pages.

Based on my reading of Moishe Postone, I am beginning to see some of the
limits of Grossmann's theory of accumulation and crisis, but his work
remains in my opinion one of the most important contributions to
revolutionary theory.

So drop me a line if you want it.


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