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Tue Feb 21 08:59:32 MST 1995

Ralph Dumain writes:
*}Althusser... only dug himself deeper
*}into the slime pit during the course of his career as he committed
*}one abomination after another trying to extricate himself from his
*}initial errors....the root of Althusser's evil untouched, to
It would be nice if we could have a bit more professional and cordial
discussion on this list than Dumain exhibits here.  It's wonderful to
discuss Callinicos, who is an important thinker.  It's even fine to
disagree with Althusser on theoretical or political points (although
I'll more often side with Althusser myself).  But this kind of silly
name-calling just reminds one of the anti-communists we have quite
enough of outside of this Marxism list.

Just imagine, if you will, that someone actually wanted to discuss the
pros and cons of Althusser's 'theoretical anti-humanism'.  Intelligent
things can be said on both sides of such an issue.  Indeed, I've read
many quite good articles "refuting" Althusser on this (although I wasn't
convinced by them...  but at least they were good reads).  But I'm
obviously not going to try to jump in to a debate over whether this
position is a "slime pit", "abomination" and "evil."

So please, Ralph, keep such purile musings to your private
correspondences... and just discuss such ideas AS ideas on this list.

Yours, Lulu...

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