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As far as I remember the main difference between Marx and Hegel as
far as dialectics is concerned is not that they approached
dialectics so very differently but that Hegel was an idealist and
Marx was a materialist.

A lot of the references put forward in the list are from recent
authors and thinkers, which is all to the good. However there is a
lot of material published in the past in the Soviet Union. Some of
it is very worth reading. Most were published by Progress
Publishers .

I have a few which I have read, sometime with difficulty.

"Dialectical Logic"  and "The Dialectics of the Abstract and the
Concrete in Marx's Capital", by, E.V. Ilyenkov, I found the latter
very interesting.

One thing I find difficult is that so many people seem to build
Chinese walls, or Iron Curtains between the various activities of
humankind. Is the way of thinking of a scientist completely
different from that of a psychologist, or a philosopher... It
seems to me that the confidence trickster is a dialectician. It is
just that he uses his method of thinking to rob you instead of
enlightening you. I think that the philosopy of science is very
much the same as the philosophy of the philosopher or the

Hegel premised his dialectics in idealism, but the idealist is of
this world and is made of material substance as is the
materialist. The picture that developed in his mind was very
similar to that of Marx. To me the interesting thing is that both
the materialist and the idealist seemed to agree on many aspects
of dialectics. When fundamentally different people agree then
there must be something in it.

Ron Press.

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