National Democratic Revolution

Chris Burford cburford at
Wed Feb 22 00:26:23 MST 1995

It seems strange and notable that the only way
there has been comment here on the national democratic
programme of the Zapatistas is via a rumour that the
leader is gay.

It is also surely a dog that did not bark, that on a lively
marxist list, there has been no contribution from
anyone studying the NDR despite the fact that the majority of
the subscribers live in a country that is the most powerful in the
world and has nevertheless twice this century been defeated by
national democratic revolutions led by Marxists.

As some of us are  ignorant about the Zapatistas, I wonder
if anyone would summarise their main political positions
on democratic and socialist demands, (including the relationship
of national minorities to the larger nation), and comment on the
extent this conforms to or challenges well established Marxist

(All right, models by people who thought they were Marxists).

Chris Burford


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