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Hans Despain DESPAIN at econ.sbs.utah.edu
Wed Feb 22 17:29:03 MST 1995

Goldstein, perhaps your right in saying that Marx is preserving
something of Hegel, I am trying to argue this myself.  The question
is, if we follow Marx's critique what is left of Hegel?  Colletti
shows that nothing is left, Marxists should return to Kant as Marx
seemingly, according to Colletti, did.  This seems to throw the
baby out with the bath water.  There is, however, very good evidence
that this is not the case (need I list them, they never seem to make
believers out of the dis-believers).  It seems we agree about this.

I am not sure how Marx adopts Hegel, but I am quite sure that he
adopts very much of it.  Over the weekend I am going to work on
something to present over the line of Hegel's structure and self-
subsuming system of *Logic*.  This is presenting the *universality*,
*particularity* and *individuality*, which Tony Smith touches on in
is *Dialectical Social Theory*, I personal believe that it is quite
important for Marx.  I am not convinced that this is the actual
structure of Marx's *Capital*, but I do believe that Marx is using
this U-P-I adopted from Hegel, perhaps not strictly, and certianly
not exculsively.

Until then, I feel that you are reading to much into what I
presented as Hegel's four-step 'principle of identity.'  However, you
are quite right (I believe) to point out that Marx's issue with the
*speculative philosophy* is most damaging to step four (X is X after
all).  But it is when the dialectic is released from the cluthes of
the *speculative philosophy* that it is of use for self-conscious
human emancipation.  Therefore, it seems you are right to point out
that it must be within steps 1,2 and 3, that would be expected to be
the most important (quasi) perservations for Marx.  Personally I
believe Marx must have a different ontological view then does Hegel,
this is quite problematic however.  Perhaps this is where Bhaskar
becomes so important.

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