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Subject: on the chiapas....

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>>Subject: emergency message from Mexico: please, diffuse it as much as
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>>Sorry to bring this news to you but I just received this and thought I
>>should pass it on.  This sounds serious to me, and some of you may want
>>to do something with respect to this news.
>>>>Subject: Massacre in Chiapas

>>>>> >We've just recevied an emergency call from friends in Mexico. They
tell us that the Mexican army has surrounded the city of San Cristobal in
Chiapas, and that the hospital in the nearby city of Comitan is flooded with
casualities. The press is being excluded from the area. The people being
attacked are the Myan Indians, and other poor farmers, who've been denied
land and food since the conquest.

They've asked that we try to get word about this out via email. While we
have no further information beyond this one call I ask you to pass this
message on, or tell anyone you think relevant via any means so that this
does not occur in silence.

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