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Hans Despain DESPAIN at econ.sbs.utah.edu
Thu Feb 23 12:12:35 MST 1995

Maybe this distinction that Chodos is emphasizing in the Bhaskarian
dialectic, between epistemological and ontological, becomes quite
important in the context of what Dumain and Laari are discussing.  I
too, like Dumain, am very suspect of dialectics of nature as they have
been presented in both Hegel and Engles.  However, I do believe that
it is quite important that we recognize "objective standards" do seem
to exist, i.e., there is a real world that would continue to exist,
without the existence of human beings.

To Laari's point (d) [feb. 23] "Isn't that contradiction of subjective
versus objective, or of idealist versus materialist, one of the very
questions that define dialectics?"

I'm not sure what is meant by this defines dialectics, but this is
certainly an important distinction between the idealist, Hegel, and
the materialist, Marx.  For Hegel the contradiction is only
cognitive, for Marx real (see especially *Philosophical and Economic
Manuscripts* number three).  And this once again takes us back to the
'principle of identity,' which is not only the subject-object, but
thought-being, infinite-finite, identity-difference, etc.  These are
what beckon for a dialectic method, and perhaps *is* the ontological

Also, Laari in pervious post ribbed me, to not take the word
"metaphysical" to serious in context of Hegel.  This may be wise
advise, but the importance of the "non-metaphysical" interpretation
(K. Hartman, T. Pinkard, and T. Smith) is its implications for
Marx(ism).  I personally believe that Feuerbach is a precruser of this
interpretation, more, perhaps, then he has been given credit.  I
simple believe that the "non-metaphysical" project of Hegel is what
splits the Hegelians into two distinct camps, i.e., "old" and
"young" (or "right" and "left" may be better terms).

Hans Despain
University of Utah
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