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Thu Feb 23 13:24:13 MST 1995

Press, I keep meaning to tell the list that Andrew Collier has an
introduction to Bhaskar out now, *Critical Realism: An Introduction
to the Philosophy of Roy Bhaskar*, 1994, VERSO, New York-London.  The
book is not at all critical of Bhaskar, but it is a nice more simple
introduction to Bhaskar's project.  However, it is pre-dialectics, so
it is very much lacking as an intro for Dialectical Critical Realism.

Hopefully, in the near furture someone will print a more critical
introduction that is able to expand the historical importance of the
issues that Bhaskar is tackling.  Personally, I recommend to read *A
Realist Theory of Science*, this is Bhaskar's first book, and its very
much captures the important threads that run throughout his work.  As
for dialectics, which you seem most interested in, Bhaskar own book
is all that I am aware of.  Our reading group, here at the University
of Utah, would be glad to take you in.

We are now reading the *Possibility of Naturalism*, rather slowly
because of classes and other commitments, moreover, I am now working
on organizing my notes on *A Realists Theory of Science* and
incorporating the *Possibility of Naturalism*.  Ehrbar, has written
up a book review of *Dialectic: The Pulse of Freedom*, he could tell
us where to expect to see it and find it.

If anyone would like to join our Bhaskar reading group, please send
me a personal E-mail, my address is below.

Hans Despain
University of Utah
despain at

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