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Thu Feb 23 17:25:24 MST 1995

Dear comrades:

I'm forwarding the following from Left-L, the Discussion List for
a Democratic Left, because I think several people on this list
from the relevant area.

Tom Condit

forwarded message:

Date:    Mon, 20 Feb 1995 15:47:15 EST
From:    Front Desk <fntdsk at MED.UNC.EDU>
Subject: INTRO

I have been subscribed to Left-L for about a week, but I just
realized that I am supposed to introduce myself (please excuse my
poor netiquette). My name is Jessica & I am a recent graduate of
UNC-CH.  At the moment, I am uninvolved in any leftist
organizations, but I would love to hear about any located in this
area (the Triangle area in North Carolina--Raleigh, Durham,
Chapel Hill).  I look forward to the insight you all can provide
in the future &, especially, to conversing w/ people of similar
political leanings (NC isn't exactly a Leftist stronghold.)

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PS to fntdsk:

You can contact the North Carolina Occupational Safety & Health
Project as follows:

ncosh at
  Betsy Barton, PO Box 2514
  Durham NC USA 27715
  (NC Occupational Saftey and Health Project)
  Keys: workplace-safety, health, labor, grassroots, organizing

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