Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Fri Feb 24 09:17:30 MST 1995

On Fri, 24 Feb 1995, Tom Moylan wrote:

> A friend has asked me to recommend a source for a good introduction to
> dialectics.  I couldn't immediately come up with one single work.  Does
> any one have a suggestion?

Louis Proyect:

I suggest George Novack's "Introduction to the Logic of Marxism". George,
god rest his soul, was the house philosopher in the erstwhile Trotskyist
SWP. It is 144 pages long and written for a working-class audience.
As a matter of fact, just about everything George wrote is worth reading.
He has books out on materialism, empiricism, existentialism, American
history and other topics. His titles will never show up on the reading
list of a Yale graduate school seminar, but he's still worth checking out.

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