Global life form.

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Chris Sciabarra wrote in a post that deftly bridged two millenia>>>>

	Robert Heilbroner, I think, best explained the difference between
"logical" contradiction and "dialectical" or "relational" contradiction.
He writes:

	"The LOGICAL contradiction (or opposite, or negation) of a Master is
not a Slave, but a "non-Master", which may or may not be a slave.  But the
RELATIONAL opposite of a Master is indeed a Slave, for it is only by
reference to this second "excluded" term that the first is defined."

Yes, and capital and labour are *symbionts* in a self-organising
system that is a historical successor to that of master and slave,
lord and serf, in a *contradiction* in which there is both unity
and struggle.

More unity in fact than Marxists care to admit, but
which if we are true to our dialectics we should admit. And this
is the secret why this system which should explode, is in fact so
goddam flexible and resilient in its painful pulsating fluctuations.

It is a global life form!

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