consumerism and freedom, again.

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First, Nick Mamatas,
I appreciate your response to my concerns over media imagery that works
against the goals that establish as an activist--fair access to
resources, economic justice, and the media appropriation of those
causes.  I agree, this is no new phenomenon.  Post-modernism reminds us
that the viewers of television are subjects, not passively receiving these
particular manipulative images.  Unfortunately, I believe that corporate
commercial imagery has reached a new level with claims like, "even in an
oppressed society, you can still have fun [the driver drives a
hyundhai.], or "freedom to choose [with two blimpie's subs on sale].  I
am hesitant to allow the corporate world to appropriate the real work of
CITIZENS for these ends.  Just keep your eyes open, as a media scholar,
I'm sure they already are.
As you maintain, the locus of "blame" remains focused on the
recipient of the images rather than the producers.  How different is this
from the use of the "work ethic" to bind wage-slave-laborers to their
job, rather than a popular assessment of the more severe injustices
associated with corporate ownership.

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