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I think that there is a lot of misunderstanding about science and
mathematics for that matter.

Some propositions in mathematics can be prooved to be unproovable.
Not that there is no solution but that to seek for a solution is
to persue the unknoable.

The first thoughts about the electron foe example was that it was
a particle. Then it was shown that it acted as a wave. So they
decided it was uncertain what it was. Then they developed quantum
mechanics and could manipulate the problem of the wave/particle
duality, and solve many problems about the existance and behaviour
of this thing called an electron. It was not a wave or a particle
but it obeyed certain quantum mechanical equations.

One thing was certain. It could not travel faster than light.
Neither as a wave or a particle.

However there are certain circumstances where to explain the
results of an experiment require that a message to be transmitted
from a to b faster than light.

There are considerable differences of opinion in physics about
quantum mechanics. Bohm and his school for example has a
fundamentally different view from that of many other major
aothorities in this sphere.

The big bang and professor Hawkins are buildt on foundations of

What I am saying is that the problems of understsanding society,
of the philosophers, of the economists, cannot be said to, be
different fundamentally form that of the mathematician or the

There is no prospect of reason or logic or the application of
marxist dialectics creating a utopia as suggested by one
contributer. But there is the distinct possibility that if we
understand the dialectics or the logic or use reason we can have a
better understanding of how society works. Just as quantum
mechanics allows us to use and control the electron we as a
society could do the same with society. Just as our understanding
of quantum mechanics is and will remain imperfect so will it be
with society. Non the less if we learn how to prise the fruits of
our labour out of the hands of the few into the hands of the many
my grandchildren will at least be a bit better off.

I beleive an understanding of dialectics will help.  Ron Press.

If there are any geneticists amongst us perhaps there is a

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