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Tue Feb 28 02:28:10 MST 1995

Hi Rakesh.

One of the English marxologists put out an edition of the *Marginal Notes on
Wagner* in the seventies - the name escapes me right now, which is very
frustrating! It wasn't McLellan.

There is also a translation in the ugly British althusserian journal
*Theoretical Practice* 5 (Spring 1972), but I don't know if it's any good or

OK, I've found the reference I first thought of - Terrell Carver did it for
the volume K. Marx (1975) *Notes on Method*, Basil Blackwell, Oxford.

Apparently New Park Publications (the Healeyites) also published it in 1976 as
*Marginal Notes to A. Wagner's "Textbook on Political Economy in Value:
studies by Karl Marx*.

I've only read the Carver version, and many moons ago.

The other references I found in A. Aumeeruddy & R. Tortajada 'Reading Marx on
Value', in D. Elson (ed.) (1979) *Value: The Representaion of Labour in
Capitalism*. CSE Books, London.

Have fun,

Steve Wright

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