Bernie Sanders Info Wanted

kevin quinn kquinn at
Tue Feb 28 07:41:05 MST 1995

Adam: here in the states we've been subjected to an orgy of
Bernie-bashing, courtesy of A. Cockburn in the Nation. I'd don't know
that I'd go so far as to call what Cockburn is dishing out
"information"--that's stretching a term.

On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:

> It seems a shame when someone who gets elected to Parliament on a
> self-confessed socialist platform turns out to be little different from the
> Democrats. Amidst all the Sanders 'hype', his abysmal record on things like
> the Crime Bill can get overlooked.
> I am seeking info about Bernie Sanders - complimentary or otherwise
> (preferably the latter). If anyone has any good articles or reference,
> could you please post them or mail them to me personally?
> Thanks,
> Adam Bandt
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