Guatemala demonstration in D.C.

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Don't know if this will interest anyone here, but in honor of Chris's
continuing call for a discussion of National Democratic Revolutions...


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>Friends -- I know the notice below will be a repeat for some people on my list;
>please forgive.  But perhaps it's news for some others.  The Tucker Foundation
>is working on this event/issue, and if you're interested you might contact
>them.  I think Randall Quan (Tucker) is the point man organizing Dartmouth
>Incidently, this came to me by email from Merideth Larsen, a Dartmouth grad a
>few years ago who has worked a lot in Guatemala with Peace Brigades
>International and who was seriously wounded in an apparently political attack
>on several PBI members.
> --  John Lamperti
>** Topic: March 12 Rally in Washington DC **
>** Written  1:55 PM  Jan 18, 1995 by ghrc in cdp:reg.guatemala **
>		Lafayette Park (across from the White House),
>		Washington, DC
>					12 noon - 3 pm
>As part of the Campaign for Peace and Life's National Day of
>Action and Reflection Against Impunity in Guatemala, a rally will
>be held in our nation's capital to:
>%Insist on an end to the impunity enjoyed by human rights
>violators in Guatemala;
>%Protest U.S.  complicity in officially sponsored violence in
>%Demand, on the third anniversary of Efrain Bamaca Velasquez's
>capture, that the US take steps to pressure for a resolution of
>the case.  If such measures have not been taken, on March 12,
>Jennifer Harbury will resume the hunger strike she began in
>Guatemala -- this time in front of the White House; and
>%Commemorate the 1982 massacre of 70 women and 170  children, in
>Rio Negro, Baja Verapaz, and demand prosecution of those
>Guest speakers, including a survivor of the Rio Negro massacre,
>have been invited to discuss the repression and the need for
>justice.  Crosses with the names of the 177 victims of the Rio
>Negro massacre will serve as reminders of this tragedy.
>Music and dance performances are scheduled.  COME!  Get your
>friends to come!  Together we can make a difference.  Show the US
>government that the people of Guatemala matter.
>Stay in Washington to lobby your congressional representatives on
>Monday, March 13.
>			Call the Guatemala Human Rights
>			Commission/USA for more information tel.
>			202-529-6599
>GHRC/USA seeks endorsement for this event from other
>organizations.  To endorse or if you have questions/suggestions
>call Susan Peacock at 202-529-6599.
>Alternate site for presentations in case of inclement weather --
>The United Church, G St. & 20th St., NW.
>For assistance with housing, call 202-328-3629.

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