Bernie Sanders Info Wanted

TimW333521 at TimW333521 at
Tue Feb 28 15:09:15 MST 1995

Living in a country dominated by the likes of The Newt I believe we should be
a bit cautious when bashing the few progressive voices we do have in public
life.  I agree that Bernie was wrong to vote for the crime bill but he has
consistently fought for a progressive agenda on other occasions.

Also I believe the left can learn from Bernie's ability to articulate a left
agenda in a fashion which ordinary workers can comprehend and then get them
to vote for him.  A few more Bernies, even with flaws, would be a great step
forward for us.

Cockburn's various bashings have yet to accomplish anything positive, except
perhaps to make him and the ultra-left like the Sparts feel superior to
everyone else.

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