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Chiapas95 was created to handle the distribution of information on the
current crisis in Chiapas and in Mexico brought on by the Zapatista
uprising of the indigenous and campesinos.

There are a number of sources of information on the Internet and on
PeaceNet. To tap the entire flow requires s**scribing to a number of
lists and conferences. At the least: Chiapas-l, Native-l and Mexico94 on
the Internet, reg.mexico and list.chiapas on Peacenet. There are also a
variety of sites on usenet and on the WWW as well. Information about how
to access these cites can be found in the archives of this list.

This list provides a reduced amount of information culled from a much
larger flow. What you will find here are mostly forwarded postings from the
Zapatistas, their supporters, the press, various human rights groups and
sometimes what I judge to be useful substantive comments by individuals
or arguments among them. However, for the most part the chit-chat takes
up considerable space on other lists is NOT reproduced here. This said,
the amount of information provided here is substantial --more than those
with only a casual interest are likely to want to deal with.

The postings to this list are archived and can be reached via gopher,
either directly or on the WWW.

Using gopher type:

gopher eco.utexas.edu  and look under mailing lists

On the web use:


If you have questions or comments about the material posted on
Chiapas95, or if you have material you think should be posted that has
not been, send me a note: hmcleave at eco.utexas.edu

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