Italian far left daily now on-line

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Tue Feb 28 15:59:20 MST 1995

Readers of Italian language publications on this list will be pleased to hear
that the Italian newspaper *il manifesto* is now available every day via the
World Wide Web (

*il manifesto* is a useful source of news and opinion from the Italian left,
expressing a range of viewpoints from the ex-communist PDS through to the
Greens, feminists, Communist Refoundation, the self-managed social centres and
even (sometimes) autonomists. It likewise spans the spectrum of 'left'
industrial opinion, from the Essere Sindacato faction of the main left union,
through to the 'alternative' unions (CUB, SLAI), the 'self-organised' rank and
file groups and even (sometimes) the anarcho-syndicalists - although the
paper's own centre of gravity inclines towards Essere Sindacato. The paper
also runs regular feature articles on politics in Europe and elsewhere. Its
music and cultural pages are always entertaining, and its cartoonist Vauro is
very savage and to the point.

Steve Wright

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