Bernie Sanders Info Wanted

bill E shakalis bes at
Tue Feb 28 12:21:41 MST 1995

On Tue, 28 Feb 1995, Adam Bandt wrote:

> It seems a shame when someone who gets elected to Parliament on a
> self-confessed socialist platform turns out to be little different from the
> Democrats. Amidst all the Sanders 'hype', his abysmal record on things like
> the Crime Bill can get overlooked.

   I don't think Sanders is all that bad... Being the only independent
socialist in Congress, it is tough... and the pressures on him to conform
to the Democrats are enormous... It's easy to criticize "parliamentary
democracy", but what do Marxists offer structurally that differs from
this? Democracy is important -- and Marxism doesn't address it well..

  Sanders is independent from any Socialist organziation that I know... He
spoke at the Socialist party USA Convention in NYC in 1983... and was an
Elector for the SWP presidential Candidate in Vermont in 1980...

   His hero is Eugene V. Debs, the great American Socialist.... and he
did a video on Debs...

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