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Sun Jan 1 10:25:59 MST 1995

*}	Richard Wolf writes that "the alternative I find persuasive is an
*}anti-essentialism in principle - or what Althusser coined as
*}"overdetermination" and others have developed further in various ways -
*}in which exploitation becomes one of the objects of the left's critical
*}attention which aims to grasp (and overturn) the interdependence
*}(formulated systematically in terms of overdetermination) of exploitation
*}and those oppressions that likewise find a place on the left's agenda of
*}social change." Richard, could you supply some references for this

I would guess that my friend Richard would first recommend his own book
with Steve Resnick, _Knowledge and Class_, which I happened to be
re-reading this weekend because of a private conversation with Wolff.
After that, I would guess looking at Althusser's _Reading Capital_, and
probably _Lenin and Philosophy_, would be the sources of inspiration.

Yours, Lulu...

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