marxism archive: on WWW and gopher

Jonathan P. Beasley-Murray jpb8 at
Mon Jan 2 18:52:41 MST 1995

As the title says!  See the end of this message

The archive is presently incomplete (there's a big jump from August to
December, for example), but this should be rectified shortly.

Under the new system of archiving, archive files will be readable as mail
folders.  I can explain this to those interested.

Take care


Jon Beasley-Murray
Literature Program
Duke University
jpb8 at


The archive is available via anonymous ftp to,
in the directory pub/pubs/listservs/spoons/marxism.archive
or via anonymous ftp to (deleuze for login id and password)
in the directory marxism/1994
or via gopher to, under the directories
"spoons" followed by "marxism.archive"
or via WWW at, under the directories
"IATH Anonymous FTP Server," "pubs," "listservs," "spoons," then (finally)

Please email jpb8 at for help or further details.

Further, we have a couple of papers available for perusal for listmembers:
Steve Keen's thesis on the Labor Theory of Value, and James Lawler's "Lenin
and the Socialist Transition in Russia."  They are available via. anonymous
ftp to  They are in the directory
pub/pubs/listservs/spoons/marxism.archive/papers.  They are also
available via the WWW and gopher addresses above.


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